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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Voss der Impostor

The Gourmet Deli at Flatbush and Fennimore is making some pretty heady claims:

Not sure about that sandwich (that IS what they mean by hero, yes?) But VOSS water the best on all of Flatbush? Despite the fancy bottle and the fancy price tag, turns out this favorite waste of resources to the rich and famous is actually just Norwegian tap water, despite its bogus claims of Artesian exclusivity. This just in from the unsubstantiated nether-regions of the internets, and then of course corroborated by the always authoritative Wikipedia:

In October 2010, Norwegian television station TV 2 showed a documentary film highlighting the fact that the water bottled by Voss is tap water from the municipal water supply in Iveland. TV 2 also claimed to prove that the water source was not, in fact, artesian, as the marketing of Voss water claims. The website of Voss water claims that the water source is "protected from pollutants by layers of rock and ice". There is in fact no permanent ice in the vicinity of the water source. Voss water responded with a statement on its website challenging TV 2's claims. The company also employed a high profile Norwegian solicitor to consider legal action against TV 2. The TV channel in turn responded that they stood by all the statements made in the film.

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