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Monday, November 22, 2010

Xmas Comes Early to Middlebush

Don't feel like an ugly stepchild. Embrace the fact that PLG is just one of your many home-hoods. Sure you live in Lefferts, or Caton Park, or Parade Grounds, or Parkside, or Caledonia or even as my Guyanese next door neighbor says when asked what neighborhood she lives in -- "Kings Couwuunty."

We're all part of Middlebush, and just for living here I'm bringing you the Middlebush Discount, courtesy of FABID:

The Flatbush Avenue BID has already festooned the 'bush from Parkside to Cortelyou with lights and decorations. They've been up for a couple weeks, but now they've come alive. You may be jaded, but my little niece from Tallahassee was entranced by the sounds and sights of Flatbush when she visited last December. The crazy competing musics, the flashy displays, the suicidal dollar vans, the salons bursting with cackles -- and now get 10% off at a lot of places you've probably never shopped at. C'mon y'all. If this doesn't get your ass into Timmy's Stride Rite, Weekend for Ladies, or Daniella Zerky then you're simply not helping revive the economy like you promised.

Ask not what your country can buy for you, ask what you can buy for your country. Or at least for your little niece from Tallahassee.

1 comment:

Stormy from Winthrop said...

Thanks for the discount I will be out there shopping for the little one's and maybe grabbing a beef patty. By the way best patty's on the bush is right next to you on Flatbush between Clarkson & Parkside - right behind the bus stop. Yummy!