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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Blog: PLOG

Hey y'all! When I started this thing Carrie and Charles at Hawthorne Street gave me a plug and my readership shot up (a good thing?). Now it's time for me to pay it forward. (Here's a pic of the poster featuring the delightful Kevin Spacey from the film of the same name, for no apparent reason, without credit, and without endorsement of its filmic virtues):

So seriously, check out PLOGNYC, Prospect Lefferts Gardens' latest entry into our "where do you find time to write all that crap anyway?" sweepstakes. So far so good PLOG! I particularly like the scoop on the Lincoln Park Tavern barkeep who "mysteriously" fell down 30 stairs. Thankfully, no casualties, and the "Cheers"-like good times continue to flow.

With a nod to confession, I gotta say "been there, done that." Though with me it was a loft bed and the mystery needed no Encyclopedia Brown. The empty bottle of Jagermeister covered in blood said it all. Godspeed Mr. Barkeep. This middle-aged man is glad those days are now but his salad daze.

Next up: what upscale block near the Q at Parkside now boasts a high-end Pawn Shop to go with its fancy vegetarian pan-asian bistro and hipster Christian accessories boutique?


PLOG said...

Thank you, Q at Parkside, for your warm welcome. I especially like your reference to Pay It Forward, a movie that showed that (spoiler) if you stood up for people you would be brutally stabbed to death by bullies. That was awesome.

babs said...

Blogalicious! We've all heard that Brooklyn has the highest concentration of bloggers in the city; perhaps PLG will make it to number on in Brooklyn!