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Friday, July 11, 2014

A Little Bit About A Lot Of Things

Today's Farm Market in front of the Q station at Parkside starts at 11am!

You know you're a hyper local blog when signs like this generate interest:

The remarkably awesome location of this shop, just next to Bicycle Life on Lincoln Road's southside, is going to be a real estate office called Renters Dream. I suppose they took the advice of The Gods of Real Estate of "location, location, location." Take a peek at some of their listings here. They clearly plan to be a player in our neck of the borough. It's not even worth commenting on the prices of places on Westbury or Woodruff. If you're looking for a place, these may well be "steals" for all I know. Mine is not to question why...(actually, it is).

And the new sign at the Halal Felafel (falafel? feelawful?) place on Parkside is quite festive:

I guess it's now Gyro Cafe. I've always enjoyed my nibbles from there, though I wouldn't expect a life-changing felafel. Though I didn't feel-awful after eating it, nor did the price feel gougey.

Greg Haas from DOT informs the Q that they recognize that the traffic patterns on Flatbush have completely reverted to their formal insane and chaotic selves, since the harsh winter freezes and saltings rubbed the new lanes plumb off. That's the problem with traffic being directed by lane markings alone. Personally I'd rather see some of those floppy candlesticks out there, the kind they use in tunnels. Because quite frankly, you shouldn't be changing lanes all the time, and that's what the Dollar Vans do that's so damn dangerous. Anyone who's driven our stretch of Flatbush knows it's crazy out there. And pedestrians? Keep your wits about you. It's a bad place to get mad deep into your ear buds. The Dubstep in particular is hazardous to your street smarts.

If in fact you're too old skool to know from the dubstep, here's a great primer. I urge you to listen through to 1 minute and ten seconds when the true defining moment of dubstep takes place...the "drop."

Music snobs, quit yer snickerin' and go back to your Pitchfork reviews. The rest of you, consider yourself l'arned. It's really trippy stuff, and I'm sure if I were 16 when I heard this stuff I'd be a big, big fan.

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