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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dr. Cuts Adds Specialist To Practice

Leave it to Desmond Romeo, proprietor of local fan favorite Dr. Cuts, to shake things up a bit. As Q readers know, I really like Dr. Cuts and have given Desmond the gig to trim my delicate locks and found he had no problem navigating my "straight hair," as it's sometimes referred to in the biz, "straight hair" referring to both curly and actually straight hair typical of European heritage.

Desmond will be adding a part-time straight hair specialist, a talented
Tim Wandrey
fellow named Tim Wandrey, who gets a thumbs-up from Play Kids owner Shelley Kramer. Tim will be on hand Wednesday (tomorrow July 23) from 6PM on, and Sunday, August 3, starting at 3PM. I think it's part of a deal for the two to learn more about the others' style of hair styling, but you can get a $20 cut as a walk-in. I'm endlessly fascinated by the hair industry in our neighborhood, and I once again encourage all who share my curiosity to check out the awesome Chris Rock documentary "Good Hair." (For giggles regarding other sorts of hairacters, there's always Warren Beatty in Shampoo.)

Here's Desmond, digging into his craft:

When you think about it, that's an awful lot of trust we place in the scissor-man or braider-lady. I mean, they're behind you, and they have implements. Sharp implements.


Anonymous said...

Will Tim be cutting ladies hair too? Or is this a mens-only gig?

Anonymous said...

Also, what time do they close? 6pm what?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

XLIZELIX: First off, great screen name! Second, I'm pretty sure that's a lady in the picture. Third...I'd call for the last call hour. But Dr. Cuts is open late a lot of nights. I got my hair cut at 11pm. Another plus for living in this 'hood. Some barbers are open past midnight on weekends. One day I hope to call and ask for an appt at 2am, just to see if I can get one.

babs said...

Seriously, around here I have what's known as "white people hair," as in, "We don't do white people hair." So I am obliged to go out of the neighborhood to get my hair done.