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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gone Fishin'

I'm not really that fond of fishing, but dang I like that phrase "dark thirty."
Actually, I'll be back when the rental car is due, but this sounds cooler.

Big Laughs! He's smoking under water!!

Sorry fellas, but this is just plain weird.

I've never heard this song, but I just know I love it.

Everyone's entitled to a little R'n'R, which in the case of a parent of young ones means Running Ragged. Everything's pretty much all about them, which is of course as it should be, but they have the most ridiculous constant and flamboyant need for new stuff to experience and oy, so much going outside. Though staying INside is worse. But so much falling down! I mean, they've been walking upright now for some time. Skinned knees, bloody noses, hurt this, hurt that, more sandwich, more milk, where's my (fill in the blank), and the near constant refrain of "it's not FAIR!" Those with one probably don't get so much of the latter. I have to constantly monitor how "just" everything is with two, and god forbid one should get something ever so slightly better than the other. Not even better, actually. Different. The actual judging of the quality of things is not a two-year-old's strongest suit. The fiver should know better though, but she's getting smart, and that's the biggest drag of all. She sees right through the parent game, and it sucks, because we were just starting to get good at it too.

But I'm not complaining. I'm living the dream and I know it. The fact that 50 million other Americans are living the same dream doesn't prevent me from seeing it as the dream. Heck I was supposed to be dead or in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame by now, and this beats the hell out of either.

If you see a few fewer posts, it's because right now Lefferts is a couple hundred miles away and that's just fine by me. BUT, if you have stuff that you see or pictures you take or news to impart, by all means shoot me an email. I'll be more than happy to post it, since (for the time being) this seems to be the only Lefferts-centric blog and y'all seem to keep coming back for more of this blah blah blah. I appreciate it actually, I really do. Y'all are part of that "dream," and while I'm not sure how it all fits together or how it's going to end, for a few moments we share a deep connection through the internetosphere. The next time you defrag, think of me will you?

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