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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Parkside Farm Market - Tomorrow Afternoon!

Update: The market should start at 11am today, Friday, July 11!!

Many of you signed a petition during a freezing December to bring a Farm Market (I'm bypassing the whole issue of whether to use a possessive "s") to the Plaza in front of the Q at Parkside. With very little outside financial support, local do-gooder Seeds in the Middle has worked with us to open a market on Friday afternoons (1-6pm) and at the plaza at Empire/Flatbush/Ocean on Saturdays.

Tomorrow is the first day of the market, and the Q highly encourages you to come out and check out the goods from RH Farms. We need these first few Fridays to be a BIG success so that we can build on this modest beginning, and show SitM that we can support a fresh greenmarket.

See you tomorrow at the Farm(no s) Market at The Q at Parkside! Sneak peeks below...

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