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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

From the Desk of Mr. Eugene

Our councilman has set up a forum to discuss his efforts to combat outsized development along the park, a/k/a the David and Goliath struggle against 626. His letter to you, the community, follows:

It's unlikely that I'll go, but please take notes and let us know what he says! Recently, a group met with the man and rather than addressing the questions posed him, he regaled them with stories of his Tae Kwon Do accomplishments and alluded to efforts by the CIA and FBI to bring him down last fall. For the record, the Q is not affiliated with either. I do, however, have dreams of one day being a NYC Marshal. The commissions sound pretty enticing, and the outfits are groovy. (See last post).

He also sent a note reminding us of the free immigration legal services being provided by the New York Legal Assistance Group. If you or someone you know is seeking advice and counsel, tell them they can set up an appointment per the below:

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