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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Burglars and Vandals

It's a shame all burglars aren't required to wear the above uniform. Spotting them would be so much easier. And what of Vandals? History has not been kind to the Germanic tribe.

A spate of incidents up in the Manor and environs reminds us all to be vigilant. Despite the neighborly ways 'round here, it's all too easy for ne'er-do-wells to take advantage and cause havoc. Let's examine the evidence.

Recently, a family has had to endure a spate of Vandalism of a most curious nature. Three separate times rocks have been thrown through their first floor windows. Once is a bummer. Twice a mystery. Three times and they'd had enough and father managed to chase after the kids only to have a knife brandished on him. They're working with authorities to apprehend the perps.

A few recent burglaries share a common denominator. It appears that one partner rings a doorbell asking for someone who doesn't live there while an accomplice enters the next door house. How or why this is an effective strategy the Q can't ascertain with his law abiding brain. Keeping windows and doors locked may well be an effective deterrent for thieves intent on easy entrance and egress.

Keep an eye out. Report suspicious activity directly to 911 or to Vinnie Martinos or any of the officers of the 71st at (718) 735-0527. 

And this just in from Vinnie:
We are currently experiencing a rise in garages being  broken into. If anyone sees someone suspicious in back yards or loitering in alley ways please call 911 to report it. If you have in the past or  have video of someone in  backyards that does not belong there and you don't recognize please email me or send me the detailed photos.  It will also be a great help if you do have a video camera facing garages or backyards to please review them for anything suspicious.

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