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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

PLGourmand on ToTT

Enthusiastic contributor Debra K, a/k/a the PLGourmand, turns her tastebuds towards ToTT. (She told me she'll focus on places she actually likes, for now anyway.) ToTT is the name the Q started calling Tip of the Tongue even before it opened. Something about that name didn't sit right, but I LOVE the name ToTT. Three t's, little o. True, I could have made the second T small rather than capital, but it just doesn't look right. The kids call it ToTT too, and the become visibly excited when we say we're stopping in for a treat. And now I see that Debra is also using the name. Scott and Eric: just sayin'! (I guess both the words "tip" and "tongue" get used in other contexts, and images of a tongue on a tip, or even the ACTUAL tip of a tongue, say dangling from the lips...enough said. If ToTT hadn't stuck I'm sure we'd be saying BnB for Baked and Brewed. Maybe some of you already are?)

Spotlight on Tip of the Tongue: Baked and Brewed
43 Lincoln Road btw Ocean and Flatbush

I remember my first visit to Tip of the Tongue. I was having a terrible day in late November so I decided to take a walk in the park even though it was way too cold. I did not live in PLG yet – but was set to move to the area in December – so on a whim I exited the park at Lincoln Road, shivering and maybe crying a little. I found Tip of the Tongue and asked the Barista (pathetically) if he had any hot chocolate. He said with a smile, “Yes we do. And it’s amazing. It’s French!” And something about that optimistic response made me smile back and say “Magnifique!” and then when I tried it, I immediately thought, “Oh my God. It’s all gonna be okay!”

Some of that might be a reflection of my semi-dysfunctional relationship with chocolate – but really it’s mostly because the drink was so uniquely delicious; warm and rich – somewhere between milk and dark chocolate and instantly comforting. (Though certainly NOT instant!!)

I have since become a regular at Tip of the Tongue and I still get that same comforting fix every time I go. Whether I’m exhausted on the day of an important meeting and order one of their many incredibly delicious and powerful espresso drinks to perk up, or there is loud work being done on my building and I spend the day at TOTT working on my laptop, sipping coffee/eating lunch/grabbing a snack/sipping more coffee – I have been known to flee to TOTT with almost as much desperation as the first time; and ALWAYS get that same “It’s all gonna be okay” feeling.

The owners, Eric and Scott, live right in the neighborhood. They are caterers and they know top quality food. Their specialty in this local shop is the bakery and you cannot go wrong with any of the cookies, cakes, scones, brownies, muffins, rolls or croissants – they’re all magnifique! And tasty breakfast and lunch dishes are usually perfectly paired with baked treats, like Chick Pea and Spinach Salad with Focaccia; Veggie Chili with Pretzel Roll (my favorite!); Scrambled Eggs with Crossant; Pear, Cranberry and Walnut Baked French Toast and more. They also offer Cheeses, Yogurt Parfaits, Irish Oatmeal, and all sorts of Coffee and Tea drinks, from standard to Cold Brews to Chai Lattes and Macchiatos. You can order extra shots of espresso when you’re in need of a boost.

Or – if you’re in need of a cocktail - TOTT serves supper yummy coffee and tea inspired drinks like Iced Rum Spiced Chai and Iced Baileys Cappuccino in the summer and hot spiked coffee, tea and hot chocolate in the winter. And in the spirit of it all being okay, they refer to their Happy Hour as “Happier Hour.” All the hours are happy there!

Tip of the Tongue is open Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-7pm, at 43 Lincoln Road between Flatbush and Ocean. Their kitchen closes at 4pm for meals but treats and drinks are always available. You can order whole cakes if you place your order 48 hours in advance. The menu is seasonal. Get your comforting delicious fix on your way to the park or subway – or hang out with your laptop soaking in the friendly vibe. It really will all be okay. - Debra K, The PLGourmand.

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WriterOnWinthrop said...

To expand on what Tim said - I've decided to be more Paula Abdul than Simon Cowell (to get old school Idol on y'all) because I hope to encourage people to dine in the neighborhood by highlighting some of my favorite places. So - if I try a place and don't like it - my 'bad review' is not writing about it... (no subtext intended plenty more places I like to be written about soon) -- PLGourmand