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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lenox Road Joins Calls For Contextual Development

Add Lenox Road, just a forward pass from the Q's stoop, to the list of areas concerned about tall towers and zoning issues. Good for them. It's high time the City looked at the 50-year-old zoning maps as it tries to deal with the affordable housing issue and rapid neighborhood changes. You'll see from the following piece that the Lenox Road Block Association Alliance is digging in its heals to convince City Planning to look at areas in the two Community Boards south of CB9, which ends at Clarkson. In the same Our Times issue you can see that north Crown Heights is currently dealing with a serious uptick in shootings this summer, much as we were LAST summer at this point.


FlatLen said...

Much thanks for posting this. As I live on Lenox Road, I've been interested in knowing more about this LRBAA, so I'm always glad to see the occasional story about them.

roxv said...

I'd be interested in knowing more about them too! I worry about the number of empty lots/small old wooden frame houses for sale on my block and down the way. I'm all for new developments, but it would be nice to make sure the unique charm of the western part of lenox road with its buildings set back from he street be preserved.

FlatLen said...

I like this quote: "Add Lenox Road, just a forward pass from the Q's stoop." Heck, some of us take the Q at Parkside if we don't take it at Church Avenue or if we don't walk over to Winthrop.

In any event, I see the occasional LRBAA flyer around the area, and the one I saw the other day gave their website, which I had never seen before:

I'm sure they would be a good fit for your blogroo.