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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Big Change At the Jackie Robinson School

Word has reached the Q that the longtime principal and assistant principal at PS375 - the Jackie Robinson School - will NOT be returning this Fall. That's right. New leadership, new opportunity.

To parents of young ones, I would urge you to contact the school and see about setting up a meeting between the principal and prospective parents, regardless of how hectic things might be right now. The Q has made no bones about his disappointment in both Lefferts neighborhood schools - 375 and 92 - and that only a change in leadership will encourage welcoming and progressive schools (maybe start with a website? school tours? community interaction?) Both schools are nearly 100% black, while the neighborhood is mixed. Unless we believe that segregation is a reasonable goal, one can only hope that a new principal will recognize the advantages to the ALL that comes with a diverse population of parents and students working together. There are lots and lots of parents who want a local school to work -- I know some of you will help rise to the occasion.


Unknown said...

I believe Buffy is still hiring for these positions but will fill ASAP as the school year begins on Sept 2nd. Please let her know the type of leader you wish to see! The more voices, the better.

no_slappz said...

As the DOE analysis shows, results at PS 375 are sub-par. Moreover, it's not likely there will be much improvement anytime soon.

Midwoodelian said...

Why won't there be any improvement in the near term?

Where is a family supposed to send their child to school around here that has diversity and better than bad ratings?

This is definitely a problem for the young families moving into the nabe....

Unknown said...

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