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Friday, August 8, 2014

New Jointz Galore

Seems August is a busy month for bi'ness on the Flabenue. The sign for "Cinnamon Girl" is up btw Midwood and Rutland, suggesting a not-too-long wait for its Neil Young memorabilia, and/or, as I recall from Mrs. Q's conversation with the owner, take-out goods and sundry essentials.

Then there's that drinky-eaty place on Beekman, truly a revolutionary concept given Beekman's sometime's checkered past. "Erv's" is what my spies say it'll be, and owners Rob and Cate (Kate?) are looking for a roughly Labor Day opening. It'll be a cafe and drinks spot.

Btw, by "spies" I mean pal to the Q Mark S. who also writes lovely pieces on local eateries and will undoubtedly be sampling the wares.

The Q welcomes our new neighbors and wishes them all the success in the world. And if THAT doesn't earn me some free foodstuffs, what will?


L. said...

Is this going to be another branch of the two Cinnamon Girl cafes in Fort Greene and Bed Stuy?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Can't imagine it would be anything but a sister store to those, which are apparently well-liked.

I think what we are witnessing here is that the zeitgeist have decided the time is now to "move" on Lefferts. Same thing happened in Crown wasn't just a bunch of ma and pa shoppes decided to jump in at once. It was mostly experienced Brooklyn business people opening up satellites with new names and maybe cuisines. Same with the gastro pub.

babs said...

Really want to know who's taking over the LPT spaces and how soon. All I've heard is that a new tenant has been found and it's someone with several NYC restaurants already, and that they're taking both spaces.

Dan Freed said...

what if no one ever opened any cinnamon girls or bluebirds or anything, & tip of the tongue closed its doors? how long would it take for the developers of the 21 story tower at the end of fenimore to get annoyed & open their own cafe--or give some cafe starter upper some money to start a cafe. bugs me how the cafe people work their butts off to make a buck while the developers just freeload off 'em. But I guess this is a very old story.

In separate but related news, I am struck by how quickly the Fenimore/Flatbush development is moving compared to the one next to the prospect park/lincoln rd. subway stop.

babs said...

Very simple answer to that one - money. Hudson is a big, very experienced developer. Tom Anderson is not; he's had problems raising funds from the get-go and I'm sure is just scraping by now.

Elke said...

Stopped by the coffee shop on Beekman on Monday and they are open for business. Good coffee! and they said that in a month or so they will be offering cocktails in the evenings.

Kimplicated said...

What's the deal with the aforementioned "checkered past"?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

According to the 71st, Beekman had a long history of crime and drugs. Haven't heard much in recent years you don't feel bad, that's STILL what they say about my block.