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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Come By Erv's Today And Say Hi

Stop by today at Erv's, the new coffee-cocktails joint on Beekman, and say hi to general manager Rob Giles and crew. It's Pay What You Want for medium or small coffees and $2.50 for espresso drinks. The roaster is "Joe," baristas will be on hand, but of course the big news is that:

"At night, we will have a selection of seasonal cocktails, theme-focused cocktails (for the winter, fat-washed everything) and a well-curated list of rotating local breweries. And of course, Genesee Cream Ale. I've been pressed for a specific theme of our bar, and the closest I can come up with is an old-fashioned neighborhood cocktail joint with cool tunes and great bartenders."

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babs said...

I went by today, and was told by a young boy outside that it was Pay What You Wish day, meaning I could pay as much as I wanted. I said to him, "Or as little, right?" and he agreed. Regardless, I paid a bit over the official price for a cortado, which was pretty good. Cocktails are a ways off yet, but I can't wait! Everyone was very nice and friendly. Welcome, Erv's!