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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Game Plan for Erv's on Beekman

An eagle-eyed reader notes that NY Magazine gave a shout out to soon-to-open imbibery Erv's. Here's what they said:

2122 Beekman Pl., nr. Flatbush Ave., Lefferts Gardens; 718-662-8813; early Sept.
By night, this cozy spot will serve craft cocktails designed by Robert Giles, late of Clarkson. Adventurous types will appreciate the rotating specialty drinks (which might feature five Fernet cocktails). The owners (the principal investor is New York contributing editor Steve Fishman) are also catering to the 7 a.m. crowd with Joe’s coffee and pastries from nearby Caribbean bakeries. 

Again, the Q is wondering how well they can do with this biz plan without taking over the whole groudfloor of the building to include Flatbush facing signage. The investors bought the whole building after all. A spy tells the Q that the crew was asking a local biz owner about how best to displace longtime commercial tenants. Granted, such practices are commonplace. But it does provide insight on how some nabes go from downscale to upscale in a hurry. It's usually not just a mom-and-pop exchange of keys. To be clear, the Q welcomes new businesses that provide a unique product and atmosphere. It's telling to note however that this is hardly the only "play" out there. Look for more news all Fall long on the new biz be continued.

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Alex said...

Little cocktail bars like Erv's were all the rage at one point in the 'burg, etc. It's possible to do quite well without much footage. That said, the laundromat and dollar store are probably not long for this world, unfortunately.