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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Flabenue Gets Serious About Trash

Perhaps you've noticed that our glorious Main Street can get a bit, mmm, untidy from time to time? Since the Q first arrived in the 'Bush 11 years ago, he's witnessed many attempts to address the issue. Given that it's primarily businesses that occupy the ground floors of most buildings, it is the businesses that must lead the solution. Sure, litterers abound, and residents are known to illegally dump their personal garbage in tree pits and in corner baskets. Oh, and the wind is not always a friend to Mr. Hooper either. Yet, according to DSNY rules, it's the merchants who are required to clean from their storefronts to 18 " into the street, or risk a fine.

A recent meeting at CB9 on sanitation along the major avenues resulted in a promise from the Department to educate merchants as to their options, and to describe solutions that have worked in the past. It's been just a year since the new Parkside Empire merchant association has come to life, but you'd better believe they recognize how important is the movement to minimize the mess.

Join them on Tuesday night at Tafari Cafe (yes, THAT Tafari cafe! This may be the best chance to see it from the inside!) and lend your support and listen to the MESSage of Hope.

And if you choose to, do like the Q, and pick up a piece or two of trash each time you head out somewhere. Studies show (mine, double-blind of course) that folks are less likely to litter on clean sidewalks. And if you're brave, as I am often to an unwise degree, scold scofflaw litterers and dog-poopers with the following: "Hey, this sidewalk belongs to all of us. How would you like it if I dropped chicken bones and B.M.'s on your living room rug?"


L. said...

Does anyone have a good idea for dealing with dog poop? Most times when I ask dog owners to pick it up, they respond with verbal threats. Apparently people who leave their dog's crap on the sidewalk are immune from peer pressure.

Kimplicated said...

My partner and I once saw someone throw a full "doggie bag" on the street (that's a thing, apparently, judging by the number of such bags that I've seen by sidewalks and in shrubs. I figure, if you do the unpleasant part, why not finish the deal? But I digress.) So my partner picked up the bag, ran down the street, and handed it back to the man. Who meekly accepted it. I nearly busted a rib trying not to laugh.

That said, I don't really know about un-bagged poo.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like unbagged poo might be a fitting target for "broken windows" enforcement (as opposed to targeting people who sell "loosies").

If we can get the City Council to to propose legislation that will give teeth to enforcing the bans on illegal clothing collection bins on city sidewalks, why can't something similar be done with dog poo on city sidewalks?

shelley said...

Hi Brklyn718, The Parkside Empire | Flatbush Avenue Merchants Association doesn't extend to that side of Parkside Ave. It's complicated with BIDS, different CB, etc. Maybe someday we'll have it figured out, but until then I would suggest: talking to the owner of McDonald's, he's a pretty cool guy that will do what he can in the community. One suggestion you could give him is to participate in the Adopt-a-Can program. McDonald's employees would empty the bin & refill it with a DSNY issued garbage bag. We also have the same problem on Flatbush Avenue regarding people putting their household garbage bags in the corner bin. The Parkside Empire | Flatbush Avenue Merchants Association has meet with CM Eugene, we've asked him to find some funding so we can get the large, covered garbage bins, often times that can help with garbage overflow. CM Eugene is supposed to attend tonight's meeting, though he said he wouldn't get there until the end. I encourage those that can attend to please do so. - Shelley (owner of Play Kids, Executive VP PE|FAMA)