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Friday, October 14, 2011

Abraham Lincoln Rolling Over in Grave Over Namesake Block

In front of the Q/B at Prospect Park lies a mouldering pile of rubbish left there for nearly a week, complete with rotting flesh on bone (okay, okay, cooked chicken. but still). Who's responsibility is this? MTA? If I had my trusty gloves and construction bags, I would have bagged it and presented it to the station agent, fait accomplit, with a note to his superiors.


Dynishal said...

This is a huge problem on our block and neither DSNY nor the MTA are motivated to deal with. I sent a picture of the same moldering pile to CB9 today after attempting to submit it to DSNY via 311 online. Unfortunately, they don't take complaints about overflowing cans online. Too bad, cuz this pic is worth a thousand words. When I first noticed this pile on Tuesday, I chalked it up to late collection because of the Monday holiday. There's no such excuse today. This spot on Lincoln Road needs more trash capacity to accommodate the trash produced by bus and train commuters and at least daily pick-up. Anyone interested in joining my efforts to demand better sanitation services for thi s location, please get in touch via

Anonymous said...

It isn't much better on Sundays at the intersection of ocean and parkside from the traffic that comes from the park. The can by the McDonalds was just over flowing. Thankfully it usually gets dealt with by Monday or Tuesday.

Dynishal said...

This morning was a completely different and welcome scene on Lincoln Road. Despite a weekend of extremely high traffic because of Q train shuttle buses, the cans were completely empty. One was even lined! Mr. Q, I'm glad you use your blogging powers for good.