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Monday, October 3, 2011

Q-Catastrophe This Morn

As I suspected, the switch back to Q-only trains at "the Q at Parkside" left a bevy of bewildered travelers on the platform. Remember, only local trains from now on - bye-bye B. And if you're traveling today (and probably through the week), leave a bit more time for your trip. This morning, trains were super-crowded and painfully slow. Thank god for brick-breaker on the blackberry. To all those who rely on the B for your commute, we'll miss you! Thankfully, the Caton entrance to the Church stop ain't too far to walk for Calendonians.


Anonymous said...

I was girded for the possibilities but it was really horrible this morning. I only hope that this isn't the new normal.

Anonymous said...

Even though I was prepared for the change, it was a nightmare this morning. There were two B trains for each Q, so impossible to get on a Q, then the train chugged along in slow motion. I had expected announcements about this on the B last week (for those who do not read this blog), but of course that would have been too logical.

Kevin said...

How long was the B running local? I've only lived in the neighborhood a year and a half, so I just know that it's been at least that long.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

It's been two solid years of bliss. Soon enough, we'll forget what was. Still, it's not gonna be pleasant watching the B whiz by while freezing your huevos off in January.

If you haven't before, try the B41 to Prospect Park, particularly if you're coming from points east.