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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blue Roost Replaces K-Dog

Translation: Blue Roost announces, on the reflective window of the old K-Dog, that they will be moving from Flatbush to Lincoln Road. They mention that they will be serving Catskill Mountain Bagels, a fixture on Cortelyou Road. I've had them many times - they totally stack up. So for those Lamenting about the Loss of Latte on Lincoln...good news and a brand new day.


Anonymous said...

That IS good news, but I feel bad for them having to deal with that psychotic landlady.

babs said...

You just don't give up do, Anonymous and Co? Now that we've proved you wrong about your "slumlord" accusations (and I don't necessarily mean this particular anonyme, because who knows how many there are?) you've decided the landlord is "psychotic" - no doubt for encouraging local entrepreneurs and preferring them over chains that would have paid more rent.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Against my first impulse I'm leaving y'alls comments up. But I would encourage you to keep the discourse civil. The word "psychotic" is probably harsh, and Babs maybe it's not such a big deal that people write their feelings in a comment? You certainly do a pretty good job! (and I mean that in the fondest way).

Remember, we're all neighbors after all.

Anonymous said...

Blue Roost's old or current landlord on Flatbush wouldn't even give them a functioning electric system or security gate when they opened. That's what's called "psycho" and "slumlord". I can't see how any reasonable person could look at the situation and be anything but happy how this worked out, for both the neighborhood or for Blue Roost. They work their darn heinies off to serve the community great food with a friendly attitude. Expanding their space and getting their kitchen means only good things for them and for us. Good luck to them. We will be in there a few times a week at least to help make the expansion a success. Count on it.

babs said...

Please tell me one uncivil thing I've said to "Anonymous" - I merely quoted his/her words back to him/her. Now the following comment after that is a reasonable description of most of the landlords on Flatbush, who are a severe contrast to the owner of the Lincoln Rd. building. And sure, write your feelings, but I will call you out on hypocrisy - the landlord is a slumlord, wants a national chain, etc., and then when that's proved wrong, we decide she's "psychotic." Of course, these could be two totally different anonymous posters, but we'll never know, will we, as they can't be bothered identifying themselves. I will express my feelings and will not hide behind anonymity to do so.

Ceelledee said...

Although the loss of K-Dog is still too real and too near to forget, this announcement that Blue Roost will be moving to that space is cause for celebration. I ditto Anonymous 12:03 post and am wishing Billy and Linda all the best in this expansion of their business endeavor.

Jen said...

I hope they do well. Although, from my understanding, the rent is a bit high. So hopefully there is enough business for them. (and no I don't want to hear about how I am wrong about this and what not...the landlord has been defended enough and at the end of the day people will think what they want. The comment section of a blog is not a place where one defends honor.)

Will they be putting in a proper kitchen?

babs said...

I'm pretty sure that Blue Roost will do well enough to meet its rent - I certainly intend to do my best to make sure they do! And it's my understanding that they will be taking advantage of the larger space and functioning electric system (see their Facebook page for more details:é/151230934906251) to install a functioning kitchen - yay!

Anonymous said...

This larger space makes a lot more sense of Blue Roost. And after that vitriolic and self-congratulatory interview the K-Dog owner gave to L Magazine I am happy to see the back of that business.

Anonymous said...


A beloved, somewhat sleepy cafe leaves and is replaced by a new, possibly better restaurant with a more varied menu?

The market works its own magic: if there is genuine interest in a type of establishment (e.g. more destination type restaurants in a neighborhood).

The reason Park Slope has so many fine restaurants is a public with enough $ and discretion to support them.
Not because every time a diner closes there's a candlelight vigil or angry letters to the editor.

Not everything's great in Park Slope, and I like my PLG fine, if it could stand with a few more good eats. But there is a general truth illustrated by how economic development, and yes, some improvements, came to PS over time.

So, if you think that we're under-served by good restaurants, have a little faith and support the businesses you'd like to see more of with your business.

If you build it (with your patronage) others will see an opportunity, and more will come.

Bob Marvin said...

I don't agree that Gabbie's in"L" interview was especially vitriolic and I think that whatever self-congratulation there might have been was well-deserved, considering the transformation that coffee shop helped to bring about on Lincoln Road--I for one will really miss them.

That being said, I welcome Blue Roost's move (as I would welcome former K-Dog employee Billy's possible opening in another nearby location). I think Blue Roost will do well and FWIW also think that the wording of the sign placed in their future location is absolutely perfect.

Anonymous said...

"Embittered" and self-satisfied are probably words I would use to describe Gabby's interview in L Mag. She trashed her landlord:

"I don't think she even read our counter offer on the lease."

"As a landlord she was particularly invasive. I'm basically just over it."

"I'm not really very hopeful that she'll yield."

"I think she has some notion that she wants something more upscale, something "classier". Who knows. It's hard to tell with her."

And since she did *SO MUCH* to make PLG why isn't she just moving to another storefront?

cheryl on parkside ave said...

I will miss K-Dog.. ......but I'm happy Blue Roost is expanding....Always enjoy their egg salad sandwich, while watching the folks walk by on Flatbush Ave....