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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Woman Killed On Flatbush by Drunk Driver

Police Blotter is not my usual cup of joe, but there was a lot of static on the listserves about an incident that happened this morning. A van (apparently NOT a Dollar Van) hit a woman as she was walking across Flatbush at Lincoln Road. No name released, but she was apparently walking with a shopping cart, so one could assume she was a local. She was alive but unconscious when paramedics arrived, but died later in the day.

The 71st Precinct confirmed that the driver of the van was arrested for DWI. It's a mad, mad world out there on Flatbush, and this is clearly another sign that traffic reform needs to be part of the neighborhood's strategic vision. R.I.P., neighbor.


Anonymous said...

So very sad. RIP indeed. Be safe out there, folks.

Anonymous said...

I saw this and was hoping it was just the cart. Unbelievable. A DWI at 8AM in the morning. Not that any time of day is good, but jimeny christmas.

Anonymous said...

Miss you mom