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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

mi csa es su csa

CSA. Community Supported Agriculture. Getting a box of goodies once a week direct from the farm. Trying to figure out what to do with all those cukes and leeks. Taking bus rides out to the farm with your fellow CSA-ers, sleeping well at night knowing you're helping family farmers make a go of it in a cold, industrial food universe.

If that all sounds like a ball and a half, then you really must join one of our two local CSA's. PLG has one, but for those south of the Q at Parkside, you might want to consider the nearly 200 cooperaters at the Flatbush Farm Share. They do both a summer and winter program, and distribution is on the grounds of the old Flatbush Church at Flatbush and, er, Church.

Here's what you coulda got at one of the summer pickups:

- 1 lbs. beefsteak tomatoes
- 1 bunch arugula
- .5 lb. salad mix
- 1 bunch beets
- 1 lb. zucchini/squash
- 1 bunch leeks
- .5 lb. beans
-. 5 lb. kirby cukes
- 2 peppers

In the cold months, you get a hefty assortment of frozen and wintry foods, and can augment it with shares of yogurt, tempeh, cheese. It all sounds quite yummy to this Park Slope Coop member, who's unlikely to join (the coop is enough of a commitment thank you) but happy to spread the word. You'll need to sign up ASAP for the winter season - Nov. 2nd's the cutoff.

Winter Share

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babs said...

I just signed up for the winter share, which comes at a perfect time, as yesterday was the PLG CSA's last pickup of the season. Really looking forward to it! I'm a Food Coop member too, but I love dealing directly with a local farmer and picking up produce right in my own neighborhood.