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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stock Up on Halloween Candy If You Live on the Safewalk!

The 71st Precinct will be doing it's safe-walk again for trick or treating this coming Monday night. This year, Halloween falls on the 31st of October, as it did last year and the year before. We'll let you know what night it falls on next year as soon as we get our 2012 calendar from Peppa's.

This is the route:

Start at Rutland & Flatbush.
Walk Rutland Rd. to Rogers Ave.
Left on Rogers, Walk to Midwood St.
Left on Midwood, Walk to Bedford Ave.
Right on Bedford, Walk to Maple St.
Right on Maple, Walk to New York Ave.
Left on New York, Walk to Empire Blvd.
End at New York & Empire @ the 71st Precinct.

 Here's an awesome picture of the Pres and Mrs. Pres doing trick-or-treating at the White House. She's dressed as Cat Woman, and I'm not sure what Barack is doing...maybe dressing as a high school teacher? I wonder what Michelle's passing out for candy, given her anti-obesity campaign. Rice cakes, maybe?

Finally, for those planning on hitting Clarkson, you can rest assured that the whole FlatBed family will be waiting for you with our special homemade grape leaves. Grape Leaves are healthy and delicious, kids love 'em, and when placed in your halloween buckets, help to keep your candy fresh and moist:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the information! What time does it start officially?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

5PM...just got off the phone w/the Precinct and they said it officially ends at 9PM, though I would hope the littlest ones were home by then! Official vandalism and pumpkin smashing doesn't begin til 11PM, with binge drinking, clumsy dancing and inappropriate flirting to start at midnight.

Mad Momma Carmen said...

Yay! Thanks for posting the info.

ariella said...

I've been wondering about this and so glad it's happening again.
I love your site.
Though I don't think you should show homemade goodies unless you share the recipe