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Monday, October 17, 2011

Change A-brewin' at Chaotic Corner

It's been a long summer since Maddie's May meeting. At that time, folks from DOT assured a restive audience of locals that a plan was in the works to create calm amongst the chaos of the Ocean/Parkside interesection. This is the latest word from Councilman Eugene:

Dear Resident,
I want to inform you that the Department of Transportation (DOT) has concluded its study pertaining to the implementation of traffic calming measures at the intersection of Parkside and Ocean Avenues.  I am eager to have a follow-up meeting to the traffic calming forum that was held at the Calvary Pentecostal Church on 151 Woodruff Avenue last May.  I have asked both Community Boards 9 and 14 to review DOT’s plan in preparation for the long anticipated follow-up meeting with the community, which I intend to have take place within the next three weeks.
It is critical that the community boards, residents in the area and my office all be in agreement concerning the traffic calming plan before DOT goes forward with plans to implement it.   We all need to be assured that the community will be safer once the traffic calming measures have been fully implemented.
Thank you again for your interest and concern regarding this very important matter.  My office will be reaching out to you again as soon as we have a date, time and location in place for the traffic calming forum.  I wish everyone a very healthy and productive week.

Yours truly,

Council Member Mathieu Eugene
Thanks Maddie (Fix-Hansen) for keeping the pressure on. I look forward to the next meeting re: proposed changes. Stay tuned for more info...if you're unfamiliar with the story, here's a post from May or this one with the absurd video of Mathieu nearly getting run over. Priceless.


Anonymous said...

we could REALLY use a similar effort to change the intersection of lincoln and flatbush. it's a nightmare, and someone was hit by a car and killed last week (it was a DUI, but the intersection is terrible even when drivers are sober).

Anonymous said...

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