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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bistro Opens On Rogers

A while back I wondered a-blog what might be in store at the conspicuously upscale looking Ramagi brick oven pizza place on Rogers near Hawthorne. I stopped by tonight and was pleasantly surprised by the geniality of owner Martin Ramagi and clan, and by the tasty Margarita slice I sampled. I didn't stay in, but I'll attest that the seating is small but cozy and candlelit, there's exposed brick to go with the "brick" theme, and most significantly they have a wine and beer license for the billyjoel-esque bottle of red bottle of white crowd.

Surprises on the menu include pumpkin squash ravioli in white wine butter sauce, a couple nifty salads and a curry sauce over fettuccini concoction called "the indies." And yes, free delivery.

So for you lingerers, this might be a swell date spot and for all of us of you a bit east of Eden (a/k/a prospect park) a bit, buon appetito!

below, a daguerreotype of the menu...


Anonymous said...

Finally some REAL good food spot for us explorers. I was shocked of the work put into this place! Tin ceilings, exposed brick and REAL brick oven pizza!
Go Ramagi!

Anonymous said...

I had a regular slice and have to say it gives Family a run for the money. The crust is just short of superb and kicks Mike and Tony's bread base to the curb. Incredibly light and crisp. The cheese was spot on as well. Family has always been my solid NYC cheese slice, but the Ramagi slice is a bit more subtle which is nice. The other pies on the shelf just seemed a bit more refined than the some of the over the top offerings at Mike and Tony's. Had a grandma at M and T's and while very good I was reminded of my attempts using a large cast iron in my home. Of course most days one does not have a fist of pizza dough lying around. Really enjoying the taste tests now available in our area.


Anonymous said...

I walked by this place, and I have to say that it seems to fall short of being a bistro... it seems like a regular pizza place with a nicer-than-usual interior. That said, I plan to try their pizza soon and I hope it's as good as everyone says!

Clarkson FlatBed said...

From the Merriam Webster

bistro: a small or unpretentious restaurant

Fits the bill to me. The fact that they serve wine and beer at candlelit tables puts it into bistro-ville to me.

But I gotta be honest..."bistro" in PLG is still a pretty spare and evolving proposition. Soon enough, someone will open PLG's Patois and the lingering-dinner-wine-and-conversation crowd will ooh and ahh. Till then...load up on carbs and squeeze into the tiny wooden tables and chairs (an oxy-moronic proposition considering inherent weight gain?)

Anonymous said...

I just ordered takeout(Chicken Fettuccine) absolutely AMAZING! and even better they serve wine. I have been waiting for a place that has great food and wine, within walking distance and EUREKA!

Thank You Ramagi for saving my life!

erika said...

Check out Edible for Life!