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Friday, February 24, 2012

ConstructionKids - Moving To Ft. Greene

Many a local parent has raved about ContructionKids, the hands-on learning environment based in the gorgeous but dilapidated Phat Albert's Warehouse building near Flatbush and Empire. Well...they're heading for greener pastures apparently, and by greener, we mean Ft. Greener, as in down by the Navy Yard to a tricked-out building as part of a larger re-development scene down there.

Capturing the frustration of many PLGers sorry to see it go, a local mom had this to say:

I just saw this sad news on the ConstructionKids website. Well, very cool news for Deb and for expanding ConstructionKids programs but really sad news for us in PLG. They're moving to the Navy Yards. This is a place that got attention from the NY Times, brought kids and families from all over Brooklyn here to our hood, and anytime I mentioned we had this place here in PLG people were really impressed.
It was becoming a very cool kids amenity to have identified with our neighborhood. Their having to leave the Phat Albert building may be yet another example of  slumlord commercial landlords not investing enough in their holdings in PLG. Not that I'd turn down the gorgeous space they're getting at the Navy Yards either and I'm sure they were lured there with good incentives by the developers; developers who know what they're doing vs. have no clue...


jessica said...

Having spoken to Deb extensively about her move, I can say with certainty that Construction Kids' move has nothing to do with the landlord at the Phat Albert building.

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

Maybe they only needed a bigger or better space to expand and offer more to the community.