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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

HSB C You Later

As if to underscore the recent comments to this here blog about a lack of banks in the neighborhood, the Q's home-bank HSBC on Flatbush at Caton is closing come June 1. I just got the notice in the mail, and much to my surprise, I'm feeling kinda verklempt about it. I don't think I'd realized how much I liked banking here...the building and the cavernous space have always felt reassuring to me, as if my paltry savings were somehow being well-tended.

Banks were once the backbones of neighborhoods. They lent money to local businesses and homeowners. They built things and gave money to things and played a central role in civil society. Obviously HSBC - a worldwide behemoth based in London - was a far cry from the local S&L's of lore. But it was MY multi-national corporate bank, and I'll miss it. And no, I won't be trekking out to Avenue D to do my banking, as the letter suggests.

The bigger question, though, is...who's going to rent this massive space now? There's precedent for pharmacies and gyms of course. Or maybe another bank will move in. Or...any suggestions?


babs said...

Worrisome - so many old banking spaces have just become derelict or poorly utilized, their gorgeous details covered up. In terms of a new bank, may I suggest Astoria Federal, just a few blocks farther south on Flatbush, at Duryea Pl (just past the Loew's Kings Theatre) - friendly people, who actually remember your name and give you their direct contact info (not some anoymous 800 number) and FREE personal checking w no minimum balance! The also have offices on Seventh and Fifth Aves in Park Slope and at the Junction.

Anonymous said...

' their gorgeous details covered up'.
Or worse, torn down. There was a truly beautiful building on Church and Ocean which housed a bank. It was torn down and an ugly two-story building put up in its place.

carrie said...

Bummer. I use that HSBC too. It may ultimately be for the better, though. I rely on web banking and the HSBC website is TERRIBLE.