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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Parkside Avenue, 2.0 - The Winners Announced!

The Parkside Prize started as a gleam in Rudy Delson's eyes a mere year ago. The Q recalls humoring the endlessly enthusiastic Delson as he regaled him with the idea of creating a prize for a re-design of the Avenue.  Then Eric Adams pitched in some dough, and pretty soon the cake was baking. The Q dug the super-upbeat idea and has been uber-impressed that Delson's stayed to his mission, with the help of a few fearless friends from the 'hood.

And now, it's my distinct pleasure, to both invite you to the Parkside Prize Prize Exhibition on March 4 at Play Kids (on the Flabenue at Westbury Court - near Hawthorne) from 4 - 6PM AND to show you some teaser pics of the grand prize winner, In Cho, and their highly do-able design:

I love how leisurely everyone looks in the pictures...sort of a Sunday afternoon vibe. And the designers even kept the Internet Cafe in the renderings, albeit with a different sign. Look at what a HUGE difference it makes for Duane Reade to spruce up the side of its building! The dude with the pram, carrying a tot in his arms is a nice touch...

A crackerjack panel of locals and experts agreed that In Cho's design hit all the right marks. There were LOTS of strong ideas, so please check out the other designs and more info on the winner at website. Kudos to all the entrants, for caring to share your vision for change near our beloved Q. Next up...getting the damn thing done!


Rudy on Winthrop said...

Come on out, everyone! Sunday, March 4, 4pm to 6pm! You will leave feeling wonderful.

babs said...

I worked on this project with Rudy, and I heartily second your commendation of his dedication, enthusiasm, and stick-to-it-iveness!

And I have to say, I was totally floored by the imaginativeness and resources used in all the submissions - many of which will be on display on March 4th, so please come out and have a look at your neighbors' creativity!

Anonymous said...

Rudy, props to you and to those you inspired to step up. This was an amazing idea and it's really exciting to see the results. I'm sorry I'll be away and can't come to the unveiling/neighborhood lovefest this weekend. Any other chance to view the entries? Enthusiastically, Naomi