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Friday, February 24, 2012

Bring the Kids! Giant Afternoon Shindig For Families Benefiting Maple Street School

You gotta go. It's on a Saturday. It's at the Masonic Temple in stylish Ft. Greene. It features everybody who's anybody in the grunge-era-seattle-style Brooklyn kids music scene. Your kids will HATE you if you don't go.* Click here for tix to this awesome annual event in support of the local charmer Maple Street School (you know, the little nursery school next, er, actually a part of, the Q/B at Prospect Park).

*I'm trademarking the the new "your kids will hate you if..." line. Children's advertising is already pretty cutthroat - why not go straight for the jugular? Full disclosure - the Q's little miss clarkson flatbed jr. goes to the beneficiary school.

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