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Thursday, March 13, 2014

123 on the Park - Almost Time to Say Hello To Caledonia's Newest Neighbors

The time has come. After a decade of stops and starts, the old Caledonian Hospital is prepared to start showing its wares. The Q signed up for email updates so I could share them with you! So here's the first...

We are anticipating our on-site leasing office to be opening within the next month…at which time we will begin scheduling appointments to view the building. We are currently on schedule to be able to move people in for May 1st.

Pricing is slated to be as follows:

Studios starting at $1,999 per month
1 bedroom apartments starting at $2,299 per month
2 bedroom apartments starting at $3,250 per month
3 bedroom apartments starting at $3,800 per month

If pricing and move in dates coincide with your needs and you would like to be added to our priority list for opening weekend, please let us know and we will contact you once we begin to schedule appointments.