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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Alittle Trouble From Alotta

Check out this video about the little apartment broker on Flatbush near Winthrop:

Neighbors complain that they also make Alotta noise. An excerpt from an email the Q received:

Alottaapartments is very disruptive to the neighborhood primarily to those residents whose windows back up on the backyards bounded by Flatbush/Parkside/Bedford/Winthrop.  Alottaapartments hosts parties every Friday night which they have characterized as "Real Estate Mixers".  All last summer we battled them each Friday evening.

The music would start around 10 PM and last until 3 or 4 Saturday morning.  The storefronts  at 701 Flatbush has access to a courtyard in the rear of the building and they would set up some weapons grade loudspeakers out there and crank it up.  It was reading 100 decibels from our backyard 75 feet away and was impossible to sleep through even with earplugs and moving to the street side of our house as the bass would reverberate through our building.

I started texting Officer Frank Bulzoni who had given me his cell at that big meeting we had in your building's basement.  I was pretty sure this was one of thouse underground clubs we had been alerted about.  He got some officers in there and the music let up for a few minutes but started back up as soon as the cops left.  It was then we found out it was not a club but the "Real Estate Mixer" being run by Alottaapartments.  They were not selling booze and there wasn't evidence of drugs.

We persisted.  Det Martinos got involved and he even got Dep Insp Lewis involved and everyone took our grievances seriously.  They finally went in there personally one Friday evening when the music started and Dep Insp Lewis warned them that he would start issuing summons if there were any more complaints.  The music stopped being played outside but continues inside to this day.  We foresee a repeat of last years problem but will stay on top of the situation.  The sound must be unbearable within the buildings near 701 Flatbush but evidently no one complains.


Unknown said...

These guys are the worst!! I was cosigning for an employee's apartment and without my permission, they listed me, alone, as the tenant. I wasn't even going to be living there. I showed up to sign the lease with my employee and the management company had no record of him and said it would be fraud for me to sign the lease they presented. After all that, Alotta said it was our fault the apartment fell through and still has his $800 deposit!!! Wish we had gotten to Help me Howard first.

WinFlatBed said...

You still have redress for your complaint. Real Estate Brokers are licensed by the Dept of State for NY and their licenses can be revoked which puts them out of business so they usually respond. There may be a number of licensed Real Estate Agents working for the broker but it is the broker's license that makes it a business. The number below is the complaint number and there's another weblink there too. Malika Cumbie is the broker of record according to their website.

(518) 474- 4429
Malika Cumbie - Licensed broker for Allota

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ElizabethC said...

Yeah, they ripped off some friends of mine, big time. Stay far away.

Rob said...

Did you ever get your money back?? They just scammed us under there new name Brooklyn Reality