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Friday, March 28, 2014

To Bikram or Not to Bikram. That Is the Questionkram.

The Park Slope Bikram folks are moving their hot, hot, sweaty hot brand of stretching to the Beer building. From their website:

Special Announcement: Bikram Yoga Park Slope LEFFERTS
It’s been a long winter here at Bikram Yoga Park Slope, because we’ve been biting our tongue.
Keeping a secret.
Planning something HUGE. 
But not just planning – we’ve been busy gutting, sawing, nailing, measuring, framing, installing, building, sheetrock-ing, painting, sweating, toiling, and getting really excited to unveil our big secret. And now it’s finally time!

Presenting to you, Brooklyn, our loyal students, and our new community…

Bikram Yoga Park Slope: Lefferts

our BEST yoga studio yet
What started out as a massive and empty space…
New Lefferts studio
became the framework…
Lefferts Studio
for a complete transformation into our new studio…
Lefferts Studio
11 Lefferts Ave was designed with the best features from both BYPS locations (plus some new surprises), culminating in our grand masterpiece: ample but cozy yoga room, large windows, wood floors, spacious changing rooms and a sunny lounge. It’s everything you’ve been asking for in your yoga studio, and everything we’ve always wanted to give you.

It’s an honor to serve the Park Slope community, and for 11 rewarding years we’ve watched your yoga practice grow and transform. Now we’re proud to make the transformation with you; expanding the reaches of our community to Lefferts Gardens and improving our current studios to help you reach even new heights in your yoga practice.

To celebrate our grand opening, we want to honor the commitment and dedication of our students that have sweated with us for all these years. To honor YOU, we are offering improvements to our current studios, better class packages, and more specials – to give you even more value and support your journey.
Stay tuned with us to get the latest on finishing touches on Lefferts Ave, grand opening date, catch our spectacular upcoming specials, new classes, new website, and more ways to welcome in spring with some new heat!


nana said...

I hope we want have to pay Park Slope prices!

ElizabethC said...

I was just thinking.. Great, overpriced yoga hits our stretch of the woods.

Alex said...

Unless you go somewhere really fancy or donation based (which you can find in Park Slope, incidentally), yoga prices are generally all the same. $18 - $25 per class, rate goes down as you buy packages and/or membership. Park Slope Bikram is actually on the lower end of typical pricing:

I don't feel like making a list right now, but there are lots of ways to get ripped off on price for services in PLG vs. Park Slope. This yoga studio will not be one of of them.