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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Walgreens Coming to Empire Boulevard

Know that big laundromat that recently closed on Empire Blvd, between Washington and Bedford? If not, here's what it used to look like:

It's gonna be a Walgreen's. Good news? Well...there's a Rite Aid right around the corner on Bedford, but yeah, for some folks this will mighty convenient.

Walgreen's now owns Duane Reade, so whenever you see one or the other they're basically the same thang. Up on the Upper West Side I recently passed two Duane Reades exactly one block from each other!

Did you know that Dunkin Donuts has the largest number of locations of any shop in NYC? 515. Starbucks has only 283.

Walreens/Duane Reade has 318. Subway sandwiches? 467. McDonalds just 240. Guess what beats out McDonalds? Take a second guess. Take a third.

MetroPCS. Don't you love trivia like that? It makes my heart sing for some reason. Not the stores themselves. The trivia. Wonder what that's about, in humans, that trivia can provide such a lift.


John said...

I'm excited at the prospect of this having a Chase ATM - there are hardly any bank ATMs outside of the Duane at Parkside, and that closes so early!

Anonymous said...

*Does the happy dance*

I never liked that Rite Aid on Bedford. Even with the recent renovation and conversion to 24 hours, I still don't like it. I hope this Walgreens would also be 24 hours.

By the way, that laundromat claims it's reopening a few doors down.

Eric Zawacki said...

Hopefully its as well stocked and in as nice condition as the CVS on Nostrand & Parkside.

babs said...

There is a Chase bank with ATMS as well as a Carver Saving Bank with ATMS on the corner of Nostrand and Empire - certainly closer for those in the northern part of the neighborhood than going all the way down to Parkside.

boleroid said...

it's worth noting in the meantime if you're in this neighborhood and need an ATM that the fee in the beer distributor is only $1.

share holder said...

Regarding franchises with a big presence in the city -- Sleepy's Mattress Company.

As for Carver Bank, how the FDIC allows it to remain open, I do not know. By every measure, it's been bankrupt for a long time.

Susan Hemley said...

Excited. I live on Empire and it is seriously lacking in conveniences. So, so excited. The laundromat did move a few doors down, they are under construction. Looking forward to the abandoned building that was next to the old laundromat being fixed up as well, what an eyesore that was every day. Noticed that they boarded up both properties. This is great. Thanks Q, knew I could count on you to suss out what was happening there.

Camille Acey said...

Good news! I'm happy for anything to clean up the eyesores here on Empire and that Rite Aid is seriously almost worse than nothing. I could've sworn they'd closed it down for good.

Anonymous said...

No, Camille Acey, the KFC next door closed down for good (soon to be a TD Bank). ;)

If/when this Walgreens opens and if it's 24 hours, I wonder whether it'll put the Rite Aid out of business. Now if this area could also get a CVS, that'd probably be a wrap.

Will Walgreens try to renovate the existing structure or tear it down and start anew? There were holes in the ceiling in the laundromat (and its indoor parking lot).

re: "Looking forward to the abandoned building that was next to the old laundromat being fixed up as well"

One of those abandoned buildings had trees (probably the tree of heaven) growing in them. No joke.

Susan Hemley said...

Hopefully Walgreens moves faster than Checkers. My husband and I have placed several bets on the progress of that snail and somehow we have both lost because it is still not open. We are not planning to frequent yet another fast food joint in the area but if it does open I will have to go in there and order some fries or something just because.

Susan Hemley said...

Checkers finally opened and last night I did go in and order fries, etc. Meh. Will not be frequenting this establishment but glad it is opened and that it has brought some life to that corner. Hoping Walgreens gets started soon.