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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lefferts Catching On With NY Times

Great article about a neighbor leading the way in green funerals.

Amy Cunningham in NY Times

But as Paul G. pointed out, the real kicker for the Q is in the third to last paragraph:

Ms. Cunningham has seen a dog become visibly distraught as its master’s body was taken away; a son ride a bicycle to his father’s green burial, all the way from the Upper West Side to Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.; children place their friend’s favorite sandwich in his coffin. “Amy has always been into rituals and creating the best possible milestone moment,” Mr. Waldman said. A number of parakeets and gerbils currently rest in the backyard of their two-story limestone in Lefferts, each having had a ceremonial exit.
Now, I have no way of knowing how this came to be, the using of the slick one word "Lefferts" to describe her neighborhood. And since there is currently no website called "" I'll just have to point out here that I am very, very pleased. I don't even know the writer of the article!

However, Ms. Cunningham's husband is Steven Waldman, the guy who started, and he and I had a cup of coffee some time ago. Full disclosure and all. But dang, the NEW YORK FRIGGIN' TIMES!! The Old Gray Lady!!! The PAPER OF RECORD!!!!!!


Unknown said...

So young! This is sad indeed. My condolences to the family.

babs said...

I've caught the Times in a lot of grammatical and factual mistakes lately. I'll just add this to the list - if this keeps up cancellation of my subscription is imminent. I hope they publish a correction.