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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You Owe It To Yourself To Watch This Awesome Fluff Piece

That rascal Rudy! He's at it again, and this time he and band of merry men 'n' gals got themselves onto the boob tube! It's so awesome to see the Parkside Prize getting the attention it deserves. And even if you haven't the time or enough crayons to submit an entry, you should feel free to comment here on things you'd like to see happen to and for our neglected corner of the park. I'm particularly smitten with Mike Cetera's idea for rooftop seating atop a remodeled McCafe!

Here's the Channel 12 story. And don't forget to submit your entry by December 1. Big Hugs-not-Drugs to Quest, Duane, Babs, Noel, Jillian and the dozens of people who've helped usher this project along.


babs said...

The thing I hate about Channel 12 is that you can't watch their stories on-line unless you're a cable subscriber. Oh well. Anyway, we'll be out tomorrow evening at 5 by the Q at Parkside (hmm, where have I heard that before?) distributing information about the prize - stop by for more info or just to say hi!

Bob Marvin said...

AND, if you live in most of Lefferts Manor you CAN'T be a cable subscriber, since Cablevision never wired our blocks.

Still, I was able to see the text of the News 12 story by using the link Mr. Clarkson Flatbed provided. I might have even been able to watch the TV footage if my computer was a bit less ancient

babs said...

Yeah, the text comes through, but for the video they prompt you for your Cablevision password...

Anonymous said...

Go Rudy!!! This is awesome. Great to see positive coverage of change and community in PLG.