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Sunday, March 25, 2012

CSA Snooze-Lose Alert

Right off the wire comes the latest from one of the local CSA's. (There are two - the Flatbush CSA and the PLG CSA, and the Q is situated directly between the two, a veritable embarrassment of organic riches.) From the PLG CSA, which has pickups on Lincoln Road near the Prospect Park station, comes this new member registration info and form:  PLG CSA Info and Form.  Deadline April 13.

Or maybe you live closer to the old Flatbush Dutch Reformed church on... Church. If so, you might want to sign up for their dealio: Flatbush Farm Share. Deadline April 15.

Both have hooked up with the Farm at Miller's Crossing, so it's not like you're gonna get better beets, leeks, and lettuce at one over the other. I'm assuming there's no hard feelings over the two sharing the same Old MacDonald. Seems quite convenient for the farmer, in fact. (Seems like a great setup for a movie actually - rival CSA's, a murder, lots of fresh broken eggs...would hate things to end up like the film version of Miller's Crossing, which as I recall had some pretty gruesome twists and turns and even a couple double crossings. Stream it, if you haven't already.)

I don't have any good CSA pictures to post, but here's one smug little mug from that guy at CSI that somehow passed muster at every link in the p.r. chain at CBS. I'll bet either CSA's greens are a heap more appetizing than this:


babs said...

Thanks for posting this! The PLG CSA's pick up is on Saturday mornings, while Flatbush is on Wednesday eves, so we're working on this together to (hopefully) cover everyone - those who can't do a Saturday pick up can go to Flatbush (pick up at the Dutch Reformed Church on Church and Flatbush) while those who can't do Wednesdays can come up to Maple St.

And Miller's Crossing is one of my favorite films ever, but I agree - kind of not the image one wants to associate with fresh veggies!

Oh, and we have optional fruit, egg, pasta, and chees shares too.

ElizabethC said...

Is a full share way to much for a singleton...even a veggie lover?

babs said...

Hi Elizabeth,

A full share is perfect for a single veggie-lover - and you can always freeze and/or can any extras, which will brighten those long, cold (or not so cold, depending on what's up with the climate) winter months. Also, don't forget entertaining - show off your gorgeous vegetables and your cooking skills!

ElizabethC said...

I have no cooking I'm going to start out modestly with a half share veggie. I will get fruit and also possibly cheese. Thanks for the input though!

babs said...

This year what we used to call a half share is called a single share and what was a full share is now a double share (confusing, I know, but part of changing farms). So when I spoke of a full share above I was talking about a single share (which makes sense, as it's good for a single person (or a non-vegetarian couple)). And you'd be surprised what having a bunch of inspiringly gorgeous and fresh veggies around can do to bring out your inner chef - we also publish a weekly newsletter with member-tested and suggested recipes, in case you don't know what to do with those yummies. Enjoy!

ElizabethC said...

ohhhhh...Gotcha. Confusing!

Thanks! I am pretty excited!