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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Work Begins...sort of.

 Maddie Fix-Hansen noticed some work last night at Parkside/Ocean and snapped this pic:

So the Q checked with DOT to see what's up, and got this response:

While the main part of the implementation isn't for a few months, the project requires realigning the north and west crosswalks which are currently a brick material (having to remove an unusual crosswalk material is fairly unusual among our projects and requires advance work). So the workers you'll see this week at night are removing that material and will replace the crosswalks with asphalt and temporary markings in their existing configuration. I believe the main implementation (meaning intersection redesign) will start in June.

Translation: Don't be too disappointed if you see the old unsafe scenario reappear after this phase is completed. The bulk of the project is happening down the road (so to speak).


La Boss said...

Thank you for letting us know what and why they're doing it. We live across from that corner and, as we're getting ready for bed, we noticed this very loud, ongoing sound. This isn't the first time that construction in this area has happened at night. I wonder why the DOT shows the neighborhood residents no respect when it comes to scheduling their projects.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that the DOT does these projects at night. Ocean ave may be busy, but it is a residential area.

I am looking forward to the change, but it's a shame to lose our cool crosswalks. Oh well. Safety is way, way more important.