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Friday, March 2, 2012

Sector C: Crime Blotter

It's once again time for the latest installment of the PLG crime blotter, as brought to you by neighborhood watcher and Meals-for-Moms founder Nicole Fabri. The below is reprinted by permission from her entry on the "Lefferts Watch" Yahoo listserve. Anyone care to comment? A few things jump out at shootings (really? none?), the (understandably)  matter-of-fact language used to describe violent acts, and maybe I'm being picky here, but isn't Grand Larceny in NY over $1,000? What cell phone costs that much? I'll leave the rest of the nitpicking to y'all!

 Hi folks,

Please find the latest crime report below. As a separate note, over the years of doing this report, I've heard from numerous people in the community about  particular crimes that are missing from the report. I always talk to Vinnie  afterwards and ask him why those crimes were omitted from the information he provides me. In virtually every circumstance, the crime was omitted because  family members were involved, it was a family dispute, or it was family-on-family criminal activity. Vinnie routinely omits these kinds of crimes because they are of a sensitive and personal nature, and also because they tend
  to not indicate danger for the rest of the community (i.e. the crimes are  personal in nature). So in case you've wondered about a crime that I haven't  reported in the past, it may be that the crime was between family members. If  you ever have a question, however, please do bring it up to me and I will check  out why it was omitted. I'm always looking for ways to improve the crime report.

Another note: a few weeks ago I spoke with a neighbor who complained about one  of the police cameras on Flatbush near Parkside pointing towards a tree. It had  been in that position for many years and many people were very annoyed that had  not been moved to a better location after repeated requests to the precinct. I  asked Vinnie about this today, and he gave me some interesting information. He said that police cameras require a very high voltage, and so they're not that  easy to place. Of the light poles on the street, only a few carry high enough  voltage in them to host a police camera. So that camera is not so easy to move  because there aren't other poles around it that can supply the power it needs.  Vinnie also said that that camera swings around and takes a 180 view of the  street, so it doesn't point at the tree all the time (this would be a good thing  for someone to verify. Stand out on Parkside and Flatbush for 30 minutes and see  if the thing swings around!). It gets images from up and down the street, regardless of the tree being in the way. If you have information contrary to this, please tell me! If you stand there and the camera doesn't move for 30
  minutes, tell me and I'll pass it on.

So that's it for now. Please stay safe!


Crime Report

January 19 - February 29, 2012


January 28th, 6:00PM. 253 Parkside Avenue. In lobby of building, victim was  robbed at gunpoint. Perp took cash.

February 19th, 2:00AM. Corner Flatbush and Lefferts. Victim was punched in the  face. $60 cash was taken.

Felony Assaults

January 18th, 7:45AM. Midwood & Flatbush. Perp hit the victim with an aluminum  bat, causing pain and swelling. Unknown perp, unknown reason.

February 16th, 10:00PM. 65 Ocean Avenue. Victim was struck with sharp object in the head, causing lacerations. Two individuals arrested.  Unknown reason.


January 25th, 2:00PM. 204 Fenimore Street (church). Came in through side window and took money.

February 3rd, 10:30PM. 554 Flatbush Avenue (a bodega). Rear entry, $2500 cash taken.

February 21st, 11:00AM. 342 Rutland Rd. Perp broke into garage and took bicycle.

Grand Larceny

January 24th, 3:00AM. Nostrand and Sterling train station. Cell phone snatched.

January 28th, 7:00PM. 373 Lincoln Rd. Pocketbook snatched.

January 31st, 9:00AM. 495 Flatbush Avenue. A debit card was taken from victim's
  hand. Unknown perp.

February 2nd, 5:30PM. Train station at Flatbush and Ocean. Cell phone snatched
  from hand.

February 2nd, 9:15PM. Nostrand and Sterling train station. Pocketbook snatched.

February 2nd, 10:30PM. Train station at Flatbush and Ocean. Cell phone snatched.

February 6th, 5:30PM. 569 Parkside Avenue. Cell phone snatched.

February 24th, 2:00PM. Flatbush and Winthrop. Cell phone snatched.

Grand Larceny Auto

(Vinnie mentioned that older model Nissans have a key hole that is really easy to turn and therefore those cars are particularly easy to steal. So if you're in  the market for a used car... maybe not a Nissan...)
February 4th, 5:00PM. 354 Rutland Rd. 1997 Tan Nissan Maxima stolen.

February 15th, 8:00PM. 145 Lincoln Rd. 1996 Gray Nissan Maxima  stolen.

Feburary 16th, 1:30AM. 1071 Nostrand Avenue. 1992 White Nissan  Maxima stolen.

February 17th 7:30PM. 345 Rutland Rd. 1996 Black Nissan Maxima  stolen.






There was a rape in our immediate area. It was a date rape. The victim and perp  were known to each other. No force was used. The police have made an arrest.

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