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Friday, March 16, 2012

Intense Firefighter Scene on Lincoln

The Q was dashing to work when he saw this scene on Lincoln, right across from the train station:

Anybody know what happened? The Q's ancient blackberry doesn't provide a lot of detail, but the scene included two rescue ladders that were used to enter two separate apartments. I didn't see any smoke, and the slow pace of action and lack of EMT's gave me the impression it wasn't lethal. Does anyone know anything more?

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babs said...

Apparently the fire was started by an electrical short in a fish tank water pump in an apartment on the third floor (I have a friend who lives on that floor and was awakened by the sound of smoke alarms). The fish tank exploded, flooding the hallway and the second floor (must have been something like a 300 gallon tank). The fire was quickly extinguished and everyone was back home by 10:30. The fish were a total loss, but they were the only casualties.