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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Parkside Medical Reclaims Dignity

One of the Q's pet peeves for some time has been the blatant inaccuracy of the names on an awning that I pass on my daily commute to the Q at Parkside. There's a western entrance to 225 Parkside that's home to a small medical suite. Recently we noticed the awning had gotten a makeover, and presumably reflects the actual doctors in residence:

The Q stopped in awhile back in a panic looking for a dentist. My then-current DDS was a total quack over in Park Slope, and I was experiencing a bit of, shall we say in polite company, discomfort. I inquired within about a dentist who was listed on the sign by the name of Carole Germain, and was told that she hadn't practiced there in years. Turns out she'd moved to Nostrand near Clarkson, and because I liked her name and figured "how bad can a lady dentist be anyway?" the rest is dental history. I like Carole Germain a lot, and now the whole family goes, since she takes our lame-o dental plan. (yes, yes, I'm grateful for coverage at all, trust me.) As for the ol' sign, it wasn't accurate about other names as well, leading me to make some inferences about the practice there-in. Let me elaborate thusly...

Note to doctors: we entrust you with a great deal more than our insurance cards, cash or medical secrets. Please do your best to keep your offices clean, fairly well painted, bathrooms tidy, your awnings true, and those lab test specimen mail boxes working properly and not rusted-through with locks a-plundered hanging open creaking in the wind. Those small things really don't inspire confidence in your abilities, though perhaps we're naive to expect much from doctors at all these days. Marcus Welby, MD was cancelled back in 1976.


beesknees said...

"how bad can a lady dentist be anyway?"
ack, Q...

Clarkson FlatBed said...

For the Q so loved his readers that he gave his only begotten sass. Though tooth be told, I did just switch to a female doctor too.