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Friday, March 9, 2012

Enduro to Change Name & Shorten Menu

The name Enduro endureth no more. Owner Jim Mamary plans to end the distinction between the popular Tex-Mex joint and the bar next door. The two will be known as Lincoln Park Tavern, so moving from one to the other will no longer feel like a cross over the Rio Grande. Delivery will be an option (of the food, not the PBRs), and the menu will shorten to just the faves.

This is one of many exciting tidbits to learn courtesy of the wonderful new edition of The Echo. While you may have been quick to dismiss this "newsletter" from Leffert Manor, the Q is here to tell you that this is one fantastic little newspaper - well-written, balanced, booster-y without being sycophantic. The writers are uniformly excellent. My hats off to the small but dedicated staff at The Echo, who keep the thrill of the printed word alive with their attractive hard-copy endeavor. Despite that wistful's the link to the pdf that you REALLY wanted, you digital little blog-reader you!

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Milford Prewitt said...

Thanks for you complements about The Echo on last Friday's post. Hope we maintain it. Milford