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Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Shoppe Alert

Ever since the demise of "Teleflowers and French Perfume" (the official name of the florist next to the Subway Shop at 560 Flatbush near Beekman), folks have wondered what was to become of this prime retail location. The guessing is over...the shop has officially listed itself with the City and (perhaps even more officially) on It's called PurpleBerry Smoothie, and you can get a hint of what they're about here: PBS FB page.

PBS (as I've been known to call it) seems to have a fascination with weight - there's a couple of photos on the FB page that suggest they'll be serving up healthy options, or at least food that doesn't add flab to your blubber quotient.

While the name PurpleBerry conjures images of Pinkberry, the popular frogurt joint, it's also the "name brand" of a potent strain of marijuana joint. The Q learned this tidbit from a brief, legal googling, his preferred method of "research" these days.

The Q doesn't know what to make of the "Smoothie Revolution"...I expected the fad to last no longer than those of, say, falafel or frogurt itself...which, now entering their 4th and 5th decade respectively, show no signs of abating. I guess the "barrier to entry" in the category pretty much starts and ends with "blender," so perhaps there's a "simplicity" here that beggars analysis. Me, I prefer to "chew" food myself, but I'm "old-fashioned" that way. Don't get me "wrong;" a good smoothie is de-friggin-licious, and the Q 110% wishes them well in their new location next to Subway Sandwich Shop #874,522.

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