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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dork Klub's Classy Exit

The Q was wandering up the Flabenue tonight when he caught site of this Going Out of Business party happening at Dork Klub. How great is that? No tears. Throw a party for a bunch of local kids. I'll admit I never really quite got this mother/daughter team's biz model, a boutique with a sweet goofy theme I guess, but I loved passing by the store and marveling at the pink and general enthusiasm therein. The joy lives on...


babs said...

This was a great place and I loved the mother-daughter dynamic going on (imagine, rewarding your daughter for being a nerd (or dork if you prefer)). So cool and what a lucky child! You will be missed and I will always treasure my t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

It was so cool. I never even got to go inside but I'm sorry they had to close. My experience was probably similar to many - the days I had time to stop in and look they were closed. Please new businesses, keep regular store hours and post them clearly on your storefront. And it's the year 2012 so utilize social media!! Take a look at how Play Kids does that so successfully. The fact 65 Fen never puts info about events or gallery shows etc on their Facebook page, that's kind of shocking to me.