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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Planting Workshop This Saturday

At the unlikely location of 121 Clarkson near Bedford comes a Free Fall Planting Workshop with landscape architect Sasha Newman-Ladjen. Prepare your garden for winter AND get 15% off from the ever-reliable Kings County Nursery over on New York Avenue. If you haven't been to KCN you owe yourself a trip. We go three four times a year. Our family bought an Xmas tree from there last year and got it delivered - the owner Joe waived the fee and said merry christmas. (That's not to suggest he shows favoritism to folks who were raised as christians. He's been known to offer discounts to Jews, Muslims, Zoroastrianists, Confucianists, Baha'is, Buddhists and Shintoists. Not so much with the Crystalists, but he's open.) Family owned and operated since 1955. Not the most adventurous garden shop in the City, but damn close-by for those of us without autos.

Oops! This post is about the planting workshop. Here's the flyer:


Anonymous said...

Since this blog post sounds a bit like an ad for KCN, I'd like to add about our experience with them (the exact opposite of yours). We went there to get two 13-feet bamboo fences for our backyard. We asked if they could help deliver and they told us they are really busy but maybe they could do it for $30 (or $35 - I forgot). There were no discounts, no offer to help, no compromises, no friendliness, it felt like the owner and his wife are doing us a big favor just by talking to us. Granted it was only $100-worth of sales, but we live in Bed-Stuy, about 5 minutes away by car. We ended up lugging this stuff by bus, oh well :) It was such an unpleasant experience, just thought I'd share it with everyone else. We never went back (and never will).

Bob Marvin said...

I think the round trip to and from Bed-Stuy is more like 45 minutes. Did you REALLY expect them to do it for free?

Anonymous said...

Kings County has some of the friendliest, most helpful and knowledgable people I've ever dealt with. I go there probably a dozen times a year, they know me by name, and I've always seen them treat customers well, no matter their background or the size of their purchases. But they're running a very busy business, and of course they can't be expected to drop everything and give you free delivery. Would Home Depot or Lowe's have delivered for free? No. Yo'd have to pay $30 to a guy with a van in the parking lot, just like everyone else.

Great NYT piece on KCN and the family that's run it for 50 years here: