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Friday, October 19, 2012

Dr. Cuts Lives Up To Its Name

Boy did the Q think he was clever. A couple years ago I started shopping for a barber in the neighborhood, feeling ridiculous for heading over to Park Slope for a trim given the dozen or so places a man can get a haircut right near my house. I shopped around a bit, and since I'd always liked the sign and vibe at Dr. Cuts I wandered in and asked "do you take my insurance?" The gentlemen inside laughed politely, but now I realize it was no joking matter. (And clearly I wasn't the first to make that obvious joke).

Turns out owner Desmond Romeo is in the habit of doling out free health advice to the men who frequent his shop. Much like the popular "Barber Shop" film franchise, the rapport at Dr. Cuts is familiar, jovial and often more honest than the dialogue between men and their physicians. Romeo and other barbers and tattooists have taken part in a brilliant program of the Arthur Ashe Institute designed to train frontline professionals in the art of encouraging men to get screenings and tests at the appropriate times for their age and proclivities. Hats off to innovative thinking like this, and my admiration extends to the way Dr. Cuts cleans in front of its store thoroughly every day. Right on. My daughter's best friend (he's 3) gets his hair cut there sometimes, and now I'm more inclined to go to, though I'm feeling very attached to my new barber Nelson of Nelsons on Parkside near Flatbush. I highly recommend either shop for men of all ages, races and, er, proclivities.

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I love our neighborhood.