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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Trash Improvement Part II

Turns out those guys I saw cleaning up the other day WEREN'T a mirage. According to Delroy Wright of FEPMA, they were provided by the D.A.'s office. Delroy has a bunch of other insights worth sharing, so I reprint his note to me here. Thanks Delroy for responding to the community's concerns. I know we all have our hands full trying to pick up the trash in front of our own buildings, but it really helps to have a broad coordinated effort. You can count on my support and that of hundreds of your neighbors and patrons of local businesses. Three cheers.

Hi Tim, the initiative is FEPMA's . It started August 10th, The people doing the bagging came from the Brooklyn D A's office by way of their outreach program. The liners are supplied to us by Supt. Williams of BK-09. While the garbage situation has definitely improve, the volume of non-pedestrian refuse remain overwhelming. We believe that this problem can be resolve by the acquisition of high ended baskets for the strip. We presently have two on the avenue.  We noticed that these baskets require less servicing compared to the rest. This is due to the casing which house the garbage cans. The housing has a smaller opening and so not conducive to household or large disposables.

I was told our elected officials often allotted fund for these high ended baskets--more so the city council.  It would be nice to bring this to the attention of Ms Miles so as to have her and yourself advocate for these baskets. I certainly look forward to lending whatever little voice I can to this effort.

 The clean up project will be extended to Nostrand Avenue very soon. Also, you may want to make note that our graffiti program is still being pursued. We have secured the assistance of the Borough President's office to remove the more than twenty remaining graffiti on the avenue. A number of merchants have already signed up--most notable Stanley Fishman, owner of Drinker's Beverage, formerly.

Thanks on behalf of FEPMA


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Alex said...

Wow - that's really cool, hats off to Delroy and co. I wonder, though, if the waste issue is non-pedestrian, has santitation gotten involved and started issuing citations for improper disposal? That would certainly only help the situation.