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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nostrand Avenue Merchant's Networking Tonight

More valuable info for mighty Nostrand Avenue from the indefatigable president of the merchant's group - Lindiwe Kamau - who is also owner of the awesome Expressions in Ceramics.

By the way, that Select Bus Service project is on its way for Nostrand's B44, meaning that lots of construction will be happening over the next year to make it happen (google "bus bulbs" if you want to geek out on the project). Read the SBS plan here. If you haven't ridden an SBS, say on 1st or 2nd Ave in Manhattan, I'm here to tell you they're friggin' fast and awesome. You don't have to wait to swipe your metrocard, you do that at the bus stop and walk on at any door. The bus lanes are swift and the ride is smooth. It's way Euro. I mean they should be blasting Kraftwerk while you ride. But once the B44 goes SBS, you'll be booking North to South in the BK like a corduroyed kid down a greased bannister. Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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