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Monday, October 15, 2012

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

A feast for the senses, every morn, noon and night!

Next to everyone's favorite hooch hut you'll find Alotta Apartments, a brand new "boutique" firm specializing in nothing but good old fashioned rentals. Lovin' the cut of their jib. And the owner seems sweet, one Malika Cumbie. Stop in if you're looking for a pad.

Once upon a time it was called Handyman's Special, owned by noneother than FEPMA leader Delroy Wright. It became Lime. Then Rhythm Splash. Next stop...Hooters?
And did you notice that the Internet Coffee House shed some of its shabby signage in favor of classic glass? I still think this place is neither under nor over rated. It's just plain rated, and you can get a decent bagel and okay coffee. Whadya want, a flea-bit couch and some crappy floor lamps? Go to Tea Lounge...

The seven brothers at Seven Brothers updated their sign at the SW corner of Flatbush and Woodruff. I often stop in there for 24-pack cellophaned bags of toilet paper since you don't have to wait on line like at the Gem or Bargain Hunters. The only one of the seven that I ever encounter is super friendly and sees me walking in and grabs the multi-pack before I even say howdy. Definitely worth walking a block out of your way for.

Here's a curiosity. At Flatbush and Caton comes Green Lake Express. The sign on the Flatbush side just says "Best Food," just down from "Best Meats." But the really nifty thing here is that Green Lake Express is actually run by the same folks who bring you Green Lake Chinese Food just around the corner. So if the Chinese take-out place isn't FAST enough for you, you can always bounce two doors down and get it fresh off the steam table. And they serve SUSHI! I knew the Chinese had branched out into Mexican, but now they're taking their full wok press to the Japanese. (I have it on good authority that you might want to pass on the "raw fish from Green Lake", which when you think about it just doesn't sound quite right.)

This inflatable karate boy is my daughter's new fave on the Flabenue. So much passion from a balloon...

You can say ALOTTA things about the neighborhood. But you CAN'T call it dull.


Anonymous said...

I do like that karate balloon.

shelley said...

The bar formerly known as Handyman, Lime, Rhythm Splash...and now I can't remember the new name. BUT I have meet the owner, he seems to be a really great guy. Carl and I have had several conversations with him. Me lobbying for a decent local burger, Carl lobbying for soccer games to be shown (I have a feeling Carl is going to win). The crowd seems to be a much mellower crowd than those that frequented Lime and Rhythm Splash (there now is an official bouncer at the door). The owner told us to be on the look out for live music and karaoke. Stop in and introduce yourself, he seems to be receptive to hearing what we as neighbors would like to have in a local bar.