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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Flatbush To Get Traffic Calming - the "other" Flatbush

Know what gets my goat? Certainly more than the lack of fine dining around here. What kills me is when something sorely needed, like traffic calming (or even just traffic less-insaning), ends up happening somewhere else where the problem isn't nearly as severe. I know our Community Board isn't all in-your-face like others, and that we don't have a major corporate-named arena happening directly in our midst. But did they really have to create safer intersections on Flatbush between GAP and Atlantic BEFORE dealing with the deadly and congested "other" Flatbush corridor from, say, Church to Empire? I mean, even the DOLLAR VANS drive more sanely up there, and the pedestrians cross in the actual cross-walks, and drivers stop at red lights. It's practically Minneapolis up there compared to our stretch. This is what happens when you're organized and have a powerful merchant org, like the North Flatbush BID:

Yes, planters, shorter crosswalks, the whole nine. I'm not saying that would work here. I don't even think it's all that good an idea in general - looks very suburban. But the fact is, and I've said it before, there simply isn't room for six lanes on our narrow Flatbush corridor. Especially with speeding vans, trucks, buses and shoppers all negotiating the tiny lanes. Add up the crash stats and we definitely qualify as one of the deadliest slices of pavement this side of Calcutta. Plug your address in here if you want to add up the casualties.

And what's with the name of that bakery in the picture here on Dean street? The Cake Ambiance? Is that supposed to be reference to a book or movie I've never heard of? It must be, because that just don't sound right - the cake ambiance. Probably makes great cakes, but that name has got to go.

This whole thing must have put me in a bad mood to be dissing desserts. DOT told me there were going to do a study of Flatbush this year. Time to check if that's still happening. Don't need a study though. Just go out and risk your life yourself and check back with us. (A dollar van's eye view is a GREAT way to put it all into perspective. And I DO love those dollar vans, though I'd never ride it with my kids and probably shouldn't cuz I HAVE kids. But sometimes you gotta live a little. And're late).

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Anonymous said...

Here here! Every day I work my way from Lenox to the Parkside/Ocean park entrance via bike, and know despite the short distance I am constantly taking my life in my hands. Vehicles blowing through red lights, illegal u-turners, double and triple parked cars/ trucks, and don't get me started on the dollar vans and their inability to pick a lane. I've appreciated the greater police presence in the area of late (are foot patrols en vogue this fall?) but some traffic enforcement would really make this a safe commute for all of us, whether driving, walking, or biking!

Alex said...

Hey Tim - there was an extensive study and plan developed that was never implemented (not one aspect) due to $$. Ask Pearl, she'll even let you see it.