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Saturday, October 27, 2012

They're Not Just Soaking Up Ray's

That lousy pun is the Q's way of saying he was tickled pink to see workers in safety vests (see below) counting vehicles today as part of the traffic study that's taking place on the Flabenue. We counted more than a dozen such seated enumerators at intersections along the route from Parkside to Empire. Their presence is welcome, though somehow I doubt their hazard colored garments will protect them from a Dollar Van jumping the curb. Just last week, a friend witnessed yet another accident, this time a Dollar Van recklessly side-swiping a car, only to criminally speed off. The pummeled car righted itself and took off after. I hate to think how that encounter ended. Anyhoo, hats off to DOT for moving in the right direction (which is something a department dedicated to transportation should do, after all).

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Alex said...

Awesome! I have been looking for physical evidence of a study of that intersection, and I've finally got it! Thanks Tim!