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Friday, October 26, 2012

Family Halloween Fun in the 'Hood

Last year's Ghouls and Gourds event was SNOWED OUT(!), and I'm told it's the highlight of the kiddie Halloween season. At the Brooklyn Botanic Garden no less, which is looking pretty spectacular in its autumn jacket.
And as mentioned here previously, the best trick-or-treating route in the City happens right here in the PLG section of Flatbush along a "safe walk" laid out by the NYPD. It's positively charming, so tell everyone you know or see, so it doesn't feel too exclusive to blog readers and listservers. This is one of those feel-good opportunities to share the love. See a kid on your block that you don't know personally? Tell the kid and his mom, dad or guardian to join in! The more the merrier, because the Q isn't on the route and doesn't have to buy the candy! Happy Halloween (week) everybody! (Eric and Kimberlee, time to stock up on Kit-Kats!)

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